Newtown is everyone’s town

I had several things I wanted to post about tonight.

How Rico almost got arrested in New York City. How I have finally caught the Houdini mouse.

Funny things. Silly things.

Those things are not important. It’s seems so trivial to talk of things so lighthearted.

The tragedy of Newtown has touched me so deeply. I know there has been many other events like this. Too many events like this.

Newtown is everyone’s town.

These were babies. Innocent children learning reading, adding and subtracting, coloring and pasting.

Babies the same age as my Ella.

I think of my 6 year old and her innocence. I think of her excitement to go to school every day. I think of her only concern is that she is not going to like what they are having for lunch or that someone will not want to play with her at recess. I think of her growing and learning so many new things each day.

I don’t want her to ever be concerned that a mad man will enter her school and kill her. Or that she will be afraid and I won’t be there to comfort and protect her but this is our new reality.

It can happen. It has happened.

As I pulled in the pick up line at school Friday afternoon, I cried because there were so many parents who would never have that privilege again. I cried because mothers and fathers will never get another hug, another smile, another birthday party, tooth fairy visit, Easter egg hunt or another Christmas.

I cried for the father of the shooter because the only thing that could be worse than your child dying would be knowing a child you brought into this world could be capable of such an evil act.

I cried for the police and first responders and the horrible images they will carry in their minds for the rest of their lives.

I cried for my own children and the fears they have over this tragedy. Fears they should never have to consider.

I cried for a loss of their innocence.

I cried for our country and what is has become. For the society we live in and the children we are raising. I cried for a loss of morals. For parents making excuses for their children when they’ve done wrong instead of letting them suffer the consequences.

I cried and I cried and I cried.

I cry still.

People will argue we need more gun control or better mental health intervention or better safety measures at school and all have valid points.

People will argue that the schools are to blame for taking God out of our education system but it’s not the schools job to teach my children about religion or faith or morals. That’s my job.

Until we, as a society, make a conscious effort to bring morality back to our children and the media stops glorifying these horrific tragedies nothing is going to change.

We have to change. 


I went to NYC but unfortunately didn’t leave my accent at home…



Rico and I went to NYC for an adult getaway to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend. It was fun weekend of sight seeing, shopping and eating at restaurants where I didn’t have to cut anyone’s meat nor take anyone to the bathroom to poop.

Any meal where I don’t have to take anyone to poop is a good meal. I have pretty low expectations at this point. Really low expectations. At this point if I can eat at McDonald’s without kids it becomes a 5 star dining experience. No joke.

So anyway, we arrive in the Big Apple and get a taxi to our swanky hotel and I have to tell the Pakistani cab driver three different times our address. The man speaks marginal English and I speak expert Southernese and it becomes quite the cultural exchange. Rico starts a conversation with him (which he does with EVERYONE) about where he is from, when he came to America and if he came over in a boat. Why he asks everyone about the whole boat thing is beyond me. I think he believes immigrants are incapable of buying airline tickets and can only get here stowing away on a boat. I mean, really, even Al Qaeda can get on Expedia. We finally get to the hotel in a ride I can only describe as “life changing” as people in Pakistan apparently don’t have laws for driving and the horn honking was so frequent I developed a tic.

The woman at the desk of our nice hotel was very helpful. We couldn’t do express check-in as we had reward vouchers and were too stupid to figure out how to accomplish that on the speedy check-in computer. So Rico is explaining our situation and the first thing she asks is “Where part of the South are you visiting from?” which is code for “Do people really speak like that? I thought that was just in the movies?”.

We tell her we are from Kentucky and she immediately starts laughing and ask if we eat a lot of Bar-B-Que.


 ”Why yes we do, ma’am” and then Rico begins to tell her how often we do Bar-B-Que and at times even Bar-B-Que whole rolls of bologna infused with jalopenos.  It’s the “poor mans steak,” he says.

Lord, I was about to DIE!!

The night of my friends birthday party I had a stern talking to with Rico.

 ”Don’t say anything stupid. Don’t talk politics. Don’t talk about the economy. Don’t slap me on the butt in front of everyone.  Just don’t open your mouth. I will tell everyone you have laryngitis. Just nod when spoken to and smile a lot. O.K?” 

He promises to be on his best behavior and I feel confident that we will make it thru the evening without looking like the Clampett’s.

Dinner is at a fabulous restaurant in the West Village. We are seated in a private room with 15 of her closest friends who are from either NYC or LA. It is a warm, intimate environment and her friends are friendly and gracious.

My first feelings of apprehension are when I realize Todd and I aren’t seated together. I mean, he is close enough where I can hear what he’s saying but not close enough I can kick him under the table. Sweat starts tricking down my back.
“Please be good”,  I plead.
The night goes well for the most part. There were only a few instances where I felt like he was acting like the guy from Sling Blade. We were clearly out of our league as her friends were hedge fund managers, a Today show correspondent, very successful business owners, physicians, etc.

There were even some Louboutins in the house.


I only overheard Rico make one major guffaw when one of the guest passed around her beautiful engagement ring which was the size of a Cadbury egg and he he nudged her husband and said, “Where you get something like that? I bet it’s a CZ!!”
Swear on my kids eyes. I about died right in my chair.
On a serious note, it was a great night. Despite our differences, we were warmly welcomed by her lovely friends and by the city itself.


To cut or not to cut…that is the question.

Last April, we added another addition to our family.
His name is Boudreaux.

We named him after a Cajun shrimper we met on the coast because obviously, when I imagine him being able to speak it’s certainly with a Cajun accent.
“Laissez les Bon Temps Roulez!”

Feel free to send baby gifts.

We accept credit cards, personal checks and most importantly, gift cards for dog food.

Boudreaux comes from a long line of champion dock jumpers…which means for us, he can jump over my head while I’m trying to feed him.

He started out cute, cuddly and had sweet puppy breath. Within a week he became a 100 lb, foul smelling, voraciously chewing ding dong of a dog on crack. There is nothing on the outside of my house he hasn’t demolished…including outdoor electrical plugs. This long list of items includes water hoses, an expensive set of wicker patio furniture and cushions, and various toys. He also feels the need to dig up plants and shrubs and proudly destroy them at my back door.
I no longer plant flowers or decorate the house.
I have considered putting log chains on my tires.
On top of this, he has a strong affinity for smelling everyone’s crotch…or as Ella says, “crouch.”


The dog is possessed.


Around the age of five months, he began humping everything…and I do mean everything. He had a special affection for my daughters folding Spongebob chair. He humped for days and days until got pissed off and ate it.
He pooped yellow Spongebob particles for days.

This week he discovered the neighbors 20 lb mix breed. The multicolor hair, the petite frame and the ever constant presence of a female rear in his face was more than he could handle.

Picture if you will, Kristen Chenowith and Dennis Rodman.


Welcome to my world.


Rico and I have an ongoing discussion/argument about whether to cut his nuts off.

Obviously, I am all for it. Rico, uh, not so much.

It seems men have an aversion to cutting off nuts even when they are not the owners of said nuts.

I mean, I am pro-castration for any male who runs off and sleeps with the bitch down the road…man or canine. Agreed?

Snip! Snip!

Just sayin’


You can find me via…

I haven’t blogged for awhile now…alright, so I haven’t blogged for several months. It’s not that I didn’t have any nonsense to add to the world wide web it’s just that between my health issues, things going on with the kids and my families hell bent mission to send me to the nuthouse, my brain was fried.

My husband likes it when I channel my creative side/neurosis on my blog because frankly, it whittles down the number of crazy phone conversations I have with him during the day….”Honey, did you see that drunk moose in the tree on the news? How do you think a moose opens a beer can cause like, they don’t have thumbs? And do you think if he had Patron does he want to take his antlers off? ” Which then leads me to signing that crazy song “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Come Off” for the next several hours and it’s not really appropriate to sing around a 4 year old. I speak from experience. They always repeat that crap at the most embarrassing time.

In an effort to get me blogging again, the hubs bought me a desk and a new computer and placed it in a semi-quiet place in the house. However, no place in this house is sacred enough to be free of Kool-aid  or “wipe my butt” requests…but I will try.

After all this time I wondered if anyone even came around to this site to visit in my absence. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Several of you are checking in periodically…sending me emails to see if I died, etc. I also discovered that a lot of people are clicking in via google searches for different things that are just down right hilarious. Seems if you search different phrases you will be directed here for related content. Here’s some of the searches that brought people to my neurotic site and my response to them….


1.  My Sugar Daddy wants me to wear stripper heels…Yes he does honey. You are a gold digger. It’s your job to do what he wants in order to receive your gold. Did you honestly think he wanted you to dance on that pole with orthotics? It’s just not a good look. And honestly, all men want us to wear the stripper heels. They don’t have to be rich.

2.  Southern Girls gone wild…Similar to the regular Girls Gone Wild but with girls lifting their camouflage and rebel flag t-shirts to show the goods. The girls that are kissing each other are really first cousins and the stripper pole is waxed with lard.

3.  Ear Wax Fetish…Seriously, if you have an ear wax fetish you will not find what you need here. Try hanging out at the ENT’s office or a psychiatrist. If it was a belly button lint fetish I might could do something for you. Sorry.

4.  Southern Sasquatch…This I can help you with because I have seen the southern sasquatch. It was yesterday in the parking garage of Vanderbilt Medical Center. I was waiting at the valet parking counter and there it was. It went by twice. Once with a sweater covering it’s belly and once just baring all. It must be some type of mating signal.

5.  So Many Chicks so little time…I’m pretty sure I know who wrote this. I have a friend who is a lifelong bachelor and aficionado of woman. His job requires him to travel the world. Maybe he needs some help with time management. The only advice I have for him is one woman at a time. You are getting older. I don’t think your heart can take it anymore.

6.  Confucius Boobs…Seriously, a search for a wise woman with large breasts or an actual picture of Confuscious’ boobs? I am confused. Whoever searched this, you are a freak.

7.  Hot wife Sex Slave…Alright, you caught me. That is who I really am. Especially when you find me plunging one of toilets or taking out the trash in my yoga pants and stained t-shirt. I am sex-say….and probably stinking from being hot.

8.  Person with full diaper….People really searched for this and found me. Is it because I am a pro at diaper changing or that I am basically full of shit. Probably both.




Men Do Stupid Stuff Part Deux


Love my husband.


I married him AND I was sober.

Seriously I do but sometimes he drives me nuts.

Ella is now going to preschool in another county where we really don’t know anyone. Which is really no big deal except for the fact that the teachers  don’t know that I am married to a ding dong and that Ella nor I can really help it.

Ella has been bringing Dr. Seuss books home with an accompanying stuffed animal so we can sit down nightly and read a story.

A certain stuffed animal has come up missing at the school and no one can remember who was the last to receive it in their backpack. The teacher emailed all parents with a brief note  that said something to the effect of….

“We are missing a stuffed mongoose from the classroom.

Please check around your house to see if you have it and return to school please.


Simple enough.

Little did I know when I filled out all those forms the first day of school they would actually email him instead of me….but they did.

And this was his reply…

“Ella brought home a live opossum. We haven’t returned him yet as he is not house broken.




We haven’t had a reply from the school.

Guess who has to pick her up every day?

I am so embarrassed.


Mamma Mia…Let’s make Pizza


Homemade pizza can be daunting. The dough. The sauce. The time.

I have come up with the perfect pizza recipe. Everyone loves it. My mother in law even ask me to make it!

It is time consuming but it’s not difficult. The results are so worth the effort. I do recommend first making this on a day that you have most of the afternoon. After that you can swing right thru this recipe in no time.

Here’s what you’ll need



1 cup warm water (warm enough to activate the yeast but not hot enough to kill it)

1/4 tsp sugar

1 package rapid rise yeast

2 3/4 cup of all purpose flour (may need up to a 1/2 cup more for dusting) 

1 tsp salt

1 1/2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil



28 oz. whole tomatoes or in season, 2 lb. peeled plum Italian tomatoes

2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

3/4 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp salt

1/8 tsp ground black pepper


Here is where you can branch out all your own. Most times I will do your standard “supreme” type pizza with mozzarella and parmesean cause that’s what my brood likes. Other times I will branch out and use steak, fresh basil and mozzarella. The kids often get a cheese pizza all their own. Top it with whatever makes your dress fly up.

For todays pizza I am using:


1 red pepper

1 sweet onion

baby portabella mushrooms


Italian sausage

fresh mozzarella cheese

parmesan cheese

dried Italian seasoning


First order of business is to turn on some music. Cooking with music is always a good time. For even more fun, open a bottle of wine.

Next, let’s start the dough. We need to proof the yeast.

Let’s get a nice warm cup of water…not to hot, not too cold. If it’s too hot for your hand, turn it down a little.

Add your package of yeast and the 1/4 tsp sugar. Stir to mix and set your kitchen timer for 10 minutes. It will look like this when you start.


Walk away.

Go to your stand mixer, with your dough hook attached (or get a big bowl and get your hands ready) and add your flour and salt.


After 10 minutes, let’s check our yeast mixture. It should be nice and foamy like this.


If not, throw it out and start over. It could be a number of things…you got a bad batch of yeast…your water was too cold or too hot…doesn’t matter. Try again.

If it is all nice and yeasty, pour it in your flour mixture along with the olive oil and let the magic begin.  Mix the dough until it all comes together and attaches to the hook and is smooth. This will only take a second. Don’t over mix.


Remove from bowl onto floured surface and knead four or five times.


Place in a large bowl and pour some olive oil on top. Roll the dough around to make sure it’s covered.


You need to place it somewhere to rise, somewhere draft free and warm. I place mine in the microwave. Some people use the oven or just set on a  countertop. For me, the microwave has worked out the best.

Let it rise until doubled in size, about 40 minutes. Punch the dough down, knead again a couple of times and place back to rise again for about 30 minutes or until your ready to bake your pie.

Sauce Time!

First decide if you want a thicker or a thinner sauce. I prefer a thicker sauce so I drain my tomatoes. If you like it thinner, leave the tomatoes undrained. In a stock pot or dutch oven, heat your olive oil on medium heat. Once warm, add your tomatoes one at a time while crushing them in your hand to break them up.


Be prepared to have tomato juice squirt you in the eye or on your shirt.

Next comes the salt, pepper and oregano. Smells so yummy!

Turn heat down to low and simmer at least 40 minutes…the longer the better.

Half way thru I will take an old fashioned potato masher and break up some of the tomatoes to thicken the sauce.


Let’s start preparing our ingredients.

First I am going to brown the Italian sausage. Love it. Once it’s brown I will start eating it right out of the pan.


Slice some peppers and onions.


Break out the baby portobellos. Heaven.


Once the sausage is done, remove the meat and some of the grease….but leave a little to saute the veggies.

So naughty….so unhealthy…so GOOD!

Cook the peppers and onions first until the onions start to caramelize. Add mushrooms towards the end so they don’t overcook.

Now it’s time to put it all together!!

Preheat your oven to 500 degrees.

I cook my pizza on stoneware, specifically, The Pampered Chef Stoneware Bar Pan.

I love this stoneware. I love it so much, I have 3 of them and I also give them to my friends for Christmas. LOVE IT!

You can use any type of stoneware, baking pan or pizza pan of your choice. It’s no biggie.

Rico couldn’t resist throwing some dough.


Place it in your pan and add some sauce. Ad some parmesan cheese to make it even more sinful!


Next we’ll add our pepperoni, the pepper, onion and mushroom mix, sausage and top it off with our freshly grated mozzarella.

Add a little dried Italian seasoning on top of the mozzarella and grate some more parmesan just because you can.

It’s a free country people. Grate as much cheese as you want!!!

Holy Ritz Cracker.

You can not believe how good this is gonna be in only 10 minutes!!!





Do you know how long I have been looking for one of these so I can do this picture all my own?????

It’s on my bucket list.



Sweet, huh?

Sometimes. Mostly all the time.

Me?  Hardly ever.

But that’s beside the point. Why else would I write a post called “Men do stupid stuff” if I wasn’t a turd?

And since both my kids are turds and have different baby daddies….I have to be the only common factor, eh?

Anyway, I need to get back on track.

Where was I?

Stupid Men Stuff….Oh, yeah.

Several years ago, someone wrote a book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Duh. Someone give that ding dong a Nobel Peace Prize. I could have told you that AND saved you $19.95.

I think all men do strange, unexplainable nonsense but I think Rico has them all beat…


For instance, this is my husband’s loading bench. It is located in the very old, very unfinished basement of my house.  It’s where he plays with his guns, loads his own bullets, scratches his manly parts and all other kinds of weird, testosterone filled nonsense.

I stay out of here as much as possible.

From afar, nothing looks amiss.

Don’t be mistaken.

There is a whole bunch of nonsense going on here. Stuff so unexplainable all I can say is, “What the…”

Exhibit 1:



First and foremost, here is my missing black fingernail polish which I have been looking everywhere. I have accused my oldest daughter of “theft of a beautification product” which in my house is punishable by water boarding.

You don’t mess with Mom’s makeup people.

Notice to the side of the photograph is my four year olds Play Doh. This is an excusable theft as Play Doh is the root of all evil.

Did you know Saddam had Play Doh in with his WMD’s?




Is there even any words? At least they weren’t my Breast Cancer Awareness Pink scissors.





This WAS a piece of my nice cutlery. WAS being the operative word.

Who knows what in the hell he was doing with it. When I asked why he had it, he just replied, “I needed it.”




Seriously, I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought that candle fifty ‘leven years ago from the Walmarts. My house must of smelled really bad or I was on a compulsive shopping spree.

The added bonus to this hot mess is the can of 3M Dust Remover beside the candle covered in 10 years worth of dust.




Again, no words…and no bowls in my cupboards.


I am not too worried about the Clinique “Simply Gorgeous” because it is simply not in Rico’s color wheel. However, it is in mine and water boarding will have to ensue for this infraction.

Why lipstick?

I get the spit thing…but WHY LIPSTICK???



Is it to gaze lovingly at a photo of that wonderful day or to laugh mockingly as he picks up my damn lipstick and smears it on some gun part???