I finally made Senior superlatives…20 years too late.

Even though most of you will  not believe this, I graduated 20 years ago.

(Cough, cough.)

Yes, 20 years ago.

As in, 1990. The year of the Milli Vanilli scandal, the Simpsons and Seinfeld television debut, the freeing of Nelson Mandela and the start of the Persian Gulf War.

I turned 18. My parents bought me a brand new car, a white Dodge Shadow, that was then dubbed by my friends as “A Freak of Nature”…cause there is no such thing as a white shadow.

It was a time of tanning beds, tight rolled jeans, sequined prom dresses and Aqua Net hair spray.

Now, if there was one thing I was focused on in high school, it would be the whole hair situation. Lord knows I wasn’t worried about my SAT’s or college admission applications but the big hair thing…well, that was important.  Hello?

And so the majority of my high school years were filled with hot rollers, a can of Aqua Net and a blow dryer…cause only maximum hair height could only be achieved with the aid of a dryer.

I never made senior superlatives, but 20 years later, they regretted that crap and bestowed upon me the accolade I should have recieved back in the day….”Biggest Hair.”

Yes people, read it and weep!

I had the biggest hair in high school and it has been confirmed 20 years later by my peers.

To reward me for all my effort and their lack of acknowledgement then, they bestowed upon me the most fitting prize, a can of Aqua Net Hair Spray.

I know you be jealous.

Circa 1990:


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And the Wonder Nut Winner Is…

Thanks for all the wonderful creative comments.

Wonder Nut (A.K.A. Ella) wrote her name once in block and what some have said is in cursive…but that’s pushing it a little.

Momisodes is the lucky winner of one of my favorite Yankee Candles (Island Spa)….hopefully it will allow her conjure up some memories of sun and sand and shake off some of Boston’s cold.

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Wonder Nut Contest

This is my 26 month old, Ella (A.K.A Ella Bella, Puddin’ Pop, Sugar Lump, Wonder Nut.)

She is a complex child who has yet to sleep all night.

She is slowly trying to kill me with sleep deprivation. 

She is also very smart…and I know y’all are all thinking ’cause my baby daddy was all up in the National Problem Solving Team in middle school (will I ever stop hearing that???)…but I’m telling y’all…


Y’all can stop laughing now…it wasn’t that funny!

Her pediatrician has been telling me for the past year that her IQ was off the charts. But you know, living with “Wonder Boy Rico”, I’m used being around the higher echelon of intelligence and didn’t think a thing about it until…

She did this last week…

So, here’s how you can win …

You comment on what fabulous thing Wonder Nut did and I will bestow the winner with the fabulous Island Spa Yankee Candle. It smells like the beach and makes you want to drink lots of margarita’s…not that I need candles that smell like the beach for an excuse to drink a margarita…but it sure does set the mood.

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The Fabulous Retro Apron Winner Is….

The Fabulous Ms. Pissy at http://southerncircleofhell.blogspot.com.com is the winner of the retro apron. For all of you that know Pissy…you know she will be stylin’ in that rockin’ apron.

Thanks to everyone who commented.

I will say that Farm Chick was a close runner up but then she went and made that nasty comment about the goats and the Ex-Lax…and I just had to take her name out of the pot. Besides, I’ve already bestowed an apron on her and all her fabulousity.

Pissy, drop me an email and let me know your address and I’ll ship it right out.

Stay tuned and tell your friends…you never know what’s coming next!!!!

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Cook in Style! CONTEST!! CONTEST!!

 I found this fabulous apron at an Etsy store called Comfortably Crazy. It’s so chic…like me. I look fantabulous wearing it…and you can too.
Just post a comment on why you will be the hottest chick on the block in this fab, retro apron and I just may bestow one on you.
Being bestowed is a huge honor in the South…kinda like being knighted.
So, if you wanna get bestowed an apron, post on.  If not, be that way.
Ya’ll should feel lucky I’m just gonna hand one of these babies out. I gave one to Farm Chick but she had to take care of my baby chicks for two weeks and to clean their buttholes everyday.
Being my friend…it ain’t always easy.
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And the Winnah Is…..

Yummy Southern Recipes!
Yummy Southern Recipes!

Drum roll, please!

And the winnah is…The girls from blindpigandtheacorn.com and azn8tive.blogspot.com (Girls, send me your mailing address and I’ll get it out to you at the first of the week.)
Thanks for all your comments. I really enjoyed reading them.
Be sure and check in next week for another fabulous prize.
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My First Giveaway!!!!

My fabulous friend, Farm Chick over at It’s a Small Town Life, sent me this great cookbook a couple of months ago…’cause she’s just that kind of girlfriend.

Anyhoo, I have enjoyed it so much…especially the front cover. It just looks so fabulous in my kitchen and it has some great southern recipes.

To enter the contest, leave a comment about your favorite southern dessert ( or any dessert) from your childhood. Was it homemade ice cream? Your grandmother’s Jam Cake? Do you have your grandmother’s secret recipe and refuse to share it with the rest of the family?

My favorite? That’s really hard ’cause I have SO many. I guess one that really sticks out in my mind is my mom’s Red Velvet Cake….oh, and then there’s my Aunt Joann’s chocolate fudge…and iron skillet chocolate pie.

Don’t worry…you can leave more than one.

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