Why I should have learned Spanish

This is my 3 year old, Ella.

A.K.A. Ella Bella, The Puddin’ Pop or The Turd.

Thanks to Dora, Ella speaks alot of Spanish and that’s great because being bilingual will greatly enhance her employablilty later in life.

However, here in my Casa, we don’t speak el Spanish.

My Spanish vocabulary is limited to: Taco, Enchilada, Burrito and Tequila.

People, I have my priorities straight.

For the last couple weeks, Ella has been saying “Asshole” and every time she says it, I fuss at her, wash her mouth out with soap and tell her she is going to hell.

Well, not really. But I do fuss at her and tell her it’s not a nice word and to please not repeat it, especially in front of Nana.


Much to my dismay, she kept saying it over and over and over.

Yesterday while she was watching Dora, I overheard her repeat a word in Spanish…and it sounded just like “asshole.”

For the last two weeks I have been emotionally scarring my three year old for saying a Spanish word.

And if I knew what word she was actually saying it would be a whole lot easier to plead my case with her therapist in about twenty years but I guess I will just have to say, “NO COMP-RAY-HEN-DAY AMIGO.”

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