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My husband loves me.

Really, really loves me.

But sometimes he does stupid things.

Really, really stupid things.

Like last week when I was getting out of the shower. He thought it’d be cute to play Playboy photographer and take some pictures of his smokin’ hot wife.

Well, he had his five minutes of fun and then my dimpled ass was to be deleted.

Cut to this weekend. Ella’s birthday party with the whole family.

My mom arrived and I was so excited to show her pictures from the costume party the night before. I whipped out my camera and she and my father in law gathered around. I pushed the button on the camera to find the costume pictures and it was soooo slow that I decided to keep pushing it more and more and more….until it got stuck.

When it finally stopped, there in all my glory was my big ol’ BADONKADONK.

Not only did I show my mother the naughty picture taken by my super genius husband but I also flashed my father in law the junk in my trunk.

Oh, yeah. I did.

His only response, “That’s why you should never get your pictures developed at Walmart.”

Point taken.

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Al & Peg

Halloween Party at Club 006 e

Love and Marriage…Love and Marriage.

Yes, we were the Bundy’s for Halloween

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Check back tomorrow night for a regular post.

For a good laugh tonight, here’s Rico looking like a ding dong…

Halloween Party at Club 020 e

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My first mistake

Fall Break 2009 2 083 e

No, the mistake isn’t him.

He wanted me to let ya’ll know that right off the bat. He thinks my title is misleading…like, I have “My first mistake” and then a huge picture of him would lead anyone to the wrong assumption?

Surely he knows by now that if that’s what I really thought I would have posted his picture with the title, “I married a ding dong” but I didn’t…yet.

So’s, anyways.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah.

We went to the beach for fall break. The ride down was fairly uneventful and I didn’t even have to drug them. The new truck has a DVD player with…gasp…wireless headphones and since I lied and told Ella that the only way you could watch a movie is to wear the headphones AND she believed me, we had a quiet ride.

Because trust me people, 9 hours of listening to Barney movies in the small confined space of an automobile will make you a little homicidal.

It wasn’t until we arrived that I learned that Ella had been watching Big Momma’s House the entire trip. Over and over and over.

Yeah, I’m real observant like that.


Fall Break 2009 2 004 e

See this little red head?

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?

And then she opened her mouth.

She thought it would be a FABULOUS idea to yell out to all the larger ladies on the beach and say, “Hey look, there’s Big Momma.”

Oh yes…she did.

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Orient Expressed

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A couple of weeks ago, I got the sweetest package.

A wonderful store, Orient Expressed sent Ella this precious smocked bishop dress…


Orient Expressed is a fabulous store based in New Orleans founded by two art teachers, Bee and Dabney. Since 1978, they have provided fine home accessories, antiques, gifts, jewelry and adorable children’s clothing.

Check out their site! You’ll be so glad you did. Their clothes are reasonably priced. They have a wonderful variety of children’s clothes and the quality is second to none.

Thanks Bee and Dabney for the gift! I’ll post more pics of Ella in her dress when the weather cools up enough for her to wear it. She loves it!

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Life’s a Beach

Fall Break 2009 124 e

Fall break is here and we’re at the beach. 

Be back soon!

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